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The spinosyns are a new class of fermentation-derived insect control agents that are effective against a variety of chewing insect pests. The successful introduction of spinosad into the agricultural marketplace represents an important milestone in the use of natural products for commercial pest control. The development of a natural product presents(More)
Fetal breathing movement (FBM) in utero may be an indicator of fetal health. This paper provides a second-by-second estimate of FBM rate. In the absence of a statistical model for the fetal breathing movement, block data structured autoregressive spectral estimation is used. The optimum tapered Burg algorithm provides a minimum variance breathing rate(More)
The monitoring of fetal heart rate (FHR) is commonly used in assessing the general health of the fetus. Although certain periodic cycles may be indicative of fetal problems, only short term observations are routinely employed in clinical practice. This is due to cost considerations, inconvenience to the patient and concern about long term ultrasonic(More)
In a European collaboration, a joint project to conduct an experimental and clinical investigation of recently developed sensors from three centres (Amsterdam, Cambridge and Edinburgh) has been carried out. The Amsterdam sensor was based on an inductive principle whereas the Cambridge and Edinburgh transducers used a piezo-electric material (PVDF) as(More)
Foetal breathing movement (FBM) in utero has come to play an important role in foetal diagnosis. FBM may be monitored using real time ultrasound imaging of the foetus in utero. Foetal breathing activities can also be detected by monitoring maternal abdominal wall movement in the frequency range of 0.5-2.5 Hz. This paper presents a transducer which detects(More)
We have developed a telemetric technique whereby maternal blood pressure, which is self-measured by pregnant women in their own homes using a Dinamap 1846 automated blood pressure recorder, can then be transmitted over the commercial telephone network into the Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge, where it is computer-processed. The maternal blood pressure(More)
In this paper we will present and explain coherently the two main algorithms which are currently used in commercial colour flow imaging systems, namely the frequency domain based autocorrelation algorithm and the time domain based cross correlation algorithm. The autocorrelation algorithm is a robust optimum mean frequency baseband estimator, for both high(More)
Microprocessor-based correlation processing is now widely used for the estimation of foetal heart rate from ultrasonic Doppler signals. The paper describes a technique having a, similar performance, to correlation but which will run three times faster on a microprocessor without an onboard hardware multiplier. This speed improvement results from replacing(More)
This paper describes the experimental studies and results of a collaborative investigation between three European institutes: Amsterdam, Cambridge and Edinburgh. The object of this investigation and the collaborative exchanges was to evaluate and compare different sensors for recording fetal sounds and movements from each centre. This would be carried out(More)