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A variety of human neoplasms were examined for their ability to produce collagenolytic enzymes in culture. Some types of tumors of epithelial origin demonstrated a very high frequency of collagenolytic activity, while neoplasms of mesenchymal origin, nonneoplastic tissues, and other types of epithelial neoplasms only rarely produced collagenase. In(More)
We demonstrate the dramatic effect of film thickness on the ferroelectric phase transition temperature Tc in strained BaTiO3 films grown on SrTiO3 substrates. Using variable-temperature ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy enables measuring Tc in films as thin as 1.6 nm, and a film thickness variation from 1.6 to 10 nm leads to Tc tuning from 70 to about 925 K.(More)
6702 Background. Thalidomide + dexamethasone is a rescue regimen for multiple myeloma (MM) in relapse, and for pretransplant in newly diagnosed patients. The bisphosphonate zoledronate mitigates bone resorption and possibly tumor growth and angiogenesis. The long-term utility of this combination in newly diagnosed MM is addressed in this Phase II trial. (More)
The recent published literature dealing with urinary tract calculi during pregnancy has been summarized. Our own experience with 17 patients, (0.08% of the deliveries) in a recent 12-year interval has been described. Emphasis must be placed on the safety and limitations of renal ultrasonography. Excretory urography should be performed in patients with(More)
We report these cases to emphasize the importance of recognizing fluoroscopy as a cause of radiation dermatitis. The diagnosis of fluoroscopy-induced chronic radiation dermatitis should be raised when patients present with morpheaform, telangiectatic, or ulcerative skin findings in the characteristic locations.
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