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Hannah Arendt’s Antiprimitivism
This essay examines Arendt’s descriptions of “Hottentots” in The Origins of Totalitarianism , especially the comparisons and contrasts she frequently draws between Hottentots and other peoples. InExpand
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Room Enough: America, Natural Liberty, and Consent in Locke' Second Treatise
This essay scrutinizes political obligation in the Second Treatise by analyzing the “natural liberty” Locke attributes to children, savages, some foreigners, and other tacit consenters. Both naturalExpand
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Beyond the Pleasure Principle, “‘A Child Is Being Beaten’” and the scenography of fantasy: boutique ultraliberalism in a Brazilian moral panic
Commemorating the centenary of Beyond the Pleasure Principle, this article reads Freud’s essay alongside the contemporaneous “‘A Child Is Being Beaten’” in order to develop a theory of fantasy as theExpand
Fugitive Rousseau: Slavery, Primitivism, and Political Freedom
List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations Acknowledgments Introduction I Slavery 1. Displacements 2... and Condensations II Freedom? 3. Cosmopolitanism 4. Nativism 5. Fugitive Freedom AfterwordExpand
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Natural Order and Wise Synthesis: Sovereignty-Violence-Varṇain the Arthaśāstraand Aurobindo
In its powerful diagnosis of Dalit disempowerment, the ‘Dalit Panthers Manifesto’ emphasises the continuity of Dalits’ exploitation and domination by the hierarchical “varna system [and] casteExpand
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Michael Rogin on American Empire: A Retrospective
Abstract: This essay assesses the contribution of Michael P. Rogin, one of the few political theorists to take US imperialism as an object of sustained analysis. My aims are three: (1) to reconstructExpand
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