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Yurok, an endangered Algic language of northwest California, has a series of glot-talized sonorants which contrast with plain nonglottalized sonorants. Glottalized sono-rants have interesting phonological properties which distinguish them from other segment types in Yurok, including a restriction to postvocalic environments and fission under(More)
(1) Three models based on multifactorial inheritance are introduced to account for phenotypic heterogeneities. These models are used to determine whether subforms of a triat are: (a) different degrees of the same process, (b) non-familial environmental variants of the same process, and (c) independently transmitted processes. (2) The parameters of each(More)
In this paper I detail relationships between verb stems and the conjugation classes to which they belong in Yurok, an Algic language of northwest California. Yurok has four major conjugation classes, with one class, the oo-class, containing three subclasses defined by distinct third-person singular forms. I describe two regularities which have not been(More)
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