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PURPOSE Speech acoustic characteristics of children with cerebral palsy (CP) were examined with a multiple speech subsystems approach; speech intelligibility was evaluated using a prediction model in which acoustic measures were selected to represent three speech subsystems. METHOD Nine acoustic variables reflecting different subsystems, and speech(More)
Flocculation is most preferred method for harvesting microalgae, however, the role of bacteria in microalgal flocculation process is still unknown. This study proves that bacteria play a profound role in flocculating by increasing the floc size resulting in sedimentation of microalgae. A flocculating activity of 94% was achieved with xenic Chlorella(More)
PURPOSE In this study, the authors proposed and tested a preliminary speech and language classification system for children with cerebral palsy. METHOD Speech and language assessment data were collected in a laboratory setting from 34 children with cerebral palsy (CP; 18 male, 16 female) with a mean age of 54 months (SD = 1.8). Measures of interest were(More)
Monstrilloid copepods of the genus Monstrillopsis Sars, 1921 are recorded from Korea, as well as from the northwestern Pacific, for the first time. Specimens were obtained using a light trap set overnight at piers or seawalls in small harbors. Males of two new species were found and are described herein with remarks on their affinities and detailed drawings(More)
The reactivities of mononuclear nonheme iron(IV)-oxo complexes bearing different axial ligands, [Fe(IV)(O)(TMC)(X)](n+) [where TMC is 1,4,8,11-tetramethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane and X is NCCH(3) (1-NCCH(3)), CF(3)COO(-) (1-OOCCF(3)), or N(3)(-) (1-N(3))], and [Fe(IV)(O)(TMCS)](+) (1'-SR) (where TMCS is(More)
The main motivation behind the creation of a compliant actuation system is to provide safety, capability of storing energy, and improved performance levels in dynamic tasks. The choice of the proper compliance level pertaining to robots depends on the specific purposes of the robots. In this paper, a dual-spiral-spring actuation system (DSSAS) is proposed(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the effect of alphabet supplementation (AS) on temporal and spectral features of speech production in individuals with cerebral palsy and dysarthria. METHOD Twelve speakers with dysarthria contributed speech samples using habitual speech and while using AS. One hundred twenty listeners orthographically transcribed speech(More)
This paper presents the technical approaches including the system architecture and the controllers that have been used by Team SNU at the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Finals 2015. The platform THORMANG we used is a modular humanoid robot developed by ROBOTIS. On top of this platform, Team SNU developed the iris camera module and the end effector with(More)
This study demonstrates that ecologically engineered bacterial consortium could enhance microalgal biomass and lipid productivities through carbon exchange. Phycosphere bacterial diversity analysis in xenic Chlorella vulgaris (XCV) confirmed the presence of growth enhancing and inhibiting microorganisms. Co-cultivation of axenic C. vulgaris (ACV) with four(More)
There is an intriguing, current controversy on the involvement of iron(III)-hydroperoxo species as a "second electrophilic oxidant" in oxygenation reactions by heme and non-heme iron enzymes and their model compounds. In the present work, we have performed reactivity studies of the iron-hydroperoxo species in nucleophilic and electrophilic reactions, with(More)