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Understanding software, especially in large-scale, is an important issue for software modification. In large-scale software systems, modularization provides help for understanding them. But, even if a system has a well-modularized design, the modular design can be deteriorated by system change over time. Therefore it is needed to assess and manage(More)
This study examined the relations between age, arterial distensibility, and systemic hemodynamics in patients with the Marfan syndrome. The study group included 170 patients referred to a specialist clinic, of whom 55 (age 26 +/- 12 years) were diagnosed as having Marfan syndrome. The remaining 115 patients (age 25 +/- 14 years) formed a control group. Each(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship between age and aortic dilatation in patients with Marfan syndrome and to define the rate of progression of aortic dilatation in these patients. DESIGN All patients were evaluated in a multidisciplinary clinic to establish a firm diagnosis of Marfan syndrome. Aortic dimensions were measured by echocardiography and(More)
Software planning is becoming more complicated as the size of software project grows, making the planning process more important. Many approaches have been proposed to help software project managers by providing optimal human resource allocations in terms of minimizing the cost. Since previous approaches only concentrated on minimizing the cost, there has(More)
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