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An algorithm for quadratic minimization with simple bounds is introduced, combining, as many well-known methods do, active set strategies and projection steps. The novelty is that here the criterion for acceptance of a projected trial point is weaker than the usual ones, which are based on monotone decrease of the objective function. It is proved that(More)
Of 136 children under 13 yr of age with allergic respiratory disease, 91 had an obstructive syndrome, at rest or induced in the laboratory, without relationship to the clinical symptoms described by the families. In the at-rest group, mothers have been more frequently subjected to depression during the child's infancy. This history of maternal depression(More)
In absolute methanol medium\ eight new 0]0 metal complexes of general formula MX1L=nH1O have been isolated "L 0\2Ðdimethyllumazine "DLM# or 0\2\5\6Ðtetramethyllumazine "DLMD#^ M Cu\ Cd\ Hg\ Pd and Pt^ X Cl or NO2 #[ The experimental techniques used for their structural characterization were thermal "TG and DSC# and spectral methods "IR\ C and HÐNMR and EPR#(More)
A probabilistic geometric model for D image line seg ments is rst presented We then propose a method using D segments to accumulate evidence along an image sequence of a polyhedral scene The proposed method degrades gracefully with camera location noise The matched D segments are fused with an extended Kalman lter to reconstruct the scene structure The(More)
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