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The use of truck-and-trailer systems is an attractive solution to boost the load carrying capacity of land transportation vehicles. However, the steering of such system is problematic due to the lack of sufficient degree-of-freedoms in the available control. The difficulty further increases when obstacles are encountered in the working space. Here, the(More)
Through the application of the constraint accession method for configuration design to the new parallel robot manipulator (PRM) of the partly degrees of freedom (DOF), and three new types of 3-DOF PRM are designed in the paper. According to the kinematics theory, the constrains, the degrees of freedom, position and velocity are analyzed. Using space(More)
The use of a swarm of autonomous robots for bushfire fighting is studied in this work. A novel distributed and behavioral control strategy, the Ant System with Negative Feedback (ASNF), is proposed. Inspired by real ants behavior under crowded conditions, ASNF differs from existing ant based algorithms by introducing a new pheromone, the Crowded Pheromone(More)
A new type of 3R parallel robot manipulator (PRM) is constructed by use of the constraint synthesis method of configuration. Kinematics simulation is carried out with ADAMS. Through kinematics calculation, the motion characteristics are analyzed. Through the degrees of freedom calculation, it is confirmed that the PRM can achieve three-dimensional rotation;(More)
This paper focuses on the geometry optimization of a 3-TPS/TP parallel manipulator with Parameter Design Space (PDS). Firstly, the structure of the parallel manipulator and its kinematic model are presented. Then, we set up the kinematical performance indices for the evaluation of manipulator working properties, including Local Condition Index (LCI), Global(More)
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