Jim Williams

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Achieving the real-time linkage among multiple, geographically-distant, local area networks that support distributed interactive simulation (DIS) requires tremendous bandwidth and communication resources. Today, meeting the bandwidth and communication requirements of DIS is one of the major challenges facing the design and implementation of large scale DIS(More)
The Grid Datafarm architecture is designed for global petascale data-intensive computing. It provides a global parallel file system (Gfarm file system) with online petas-cale storage, scalable I/O bandwidth, and scalable parallel processing by federating thousands of local file systems in a grid of clusters securely using Grid security infrastructure. One(More)
Today we have a world containing many federated distributed systems. These are systems having components located in different physical locations, locations sometimes thousands of miles apart. These are systems where, although parts of which are owned by different parties, many of the parts need to communicate with each other. The Internet and Intelink are(More)
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