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A structural, profile-based algorithm was used to identify interleukin 20 (IL-20), a novel IL-10 homolog. Chromosomal localization of IL-20 led to the discovery of an IL-10 family cytokine cluster. Overexpression of IL-20 in transgenic (TG) mice causes neonatal lethality with skin abnormalities including aberrant epidermal differentiation. Recombinant IL-20(More)
Virtual environment research has focused on interactive image generation and has largely ignored acoustic modeling for spatialization of sound. Yet, realistic auditory cues can complement and enhance visual cues to aid navigation, comprehension, and sense of presence in virtual environments. A primary challenge in acoustic model-ing is computation of(More)
Cytokines that signal through Class II receptors form a distinct family that includes the interferons and interleukin 10 (IL-10). Recent identification of several IL-10 homologs has defined a cytokine subfamily that includes AK155, IL-19, IL-20, IL-22, and IL-24. Within this subfamily, IL-19, IL-20, and IL-24 exhibit substantial sharing of receptor(More)
Greenhouse gas emissions are likely to rise faster than growth in population and more than double for water supply and wastewater services over the next 50 years in South East Queensland (SEQ), Australia. New sources of water supply such as rainwater tanks, recycled water, and desalination currently have greater energy intensity than traditional sources. In(More)
The desire for persistent, long term surveillance and covertness places severe constraints on the power consumption of a sensor node. To achieve the desired endurance while minimizing the size of the node, it is imperative to use application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) that deliver the required performance with maximal power efficiency while(More)
A primary challenge in acoustic modeling is computation of reverberation paths from sound sources fast enough for real-time auralization. This paper describes a beam tracing method based on precomputed spatial subdivision and " beam tree " data structures that enables real-time acoustic modeling and auralization for sound sources at fixed locations in(More)
Economic development and growth depend on growing levels of resource use, and result in environmental impacts from large scale resource extraction and emissions of waste. In this study, we examine the resource dependency of economic activities over the past several decades for a set of countries comprising developing, emerging and mature industrialized(More)
(Puget Sound Action Team) and others who participated in a technical review of this report and provided numerous useful comments and suggestions. Members of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) were engaged throughout the DOH risk assessment process and we thank them for their many contributions to this report. In particular, we would like to(More)
BACKGROUND No validated multiscale instruments exist that measure community members' views on biobanking and biospecimen donation. This study describes the development and psychometric properties of the English-language BANKS (Biobanking Attitudes and Knowledge Survey). METHODS The BANKS was created by item generation through review of scientific(More)