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A method and a corresponding tool is described which assist design recovery and program understanding by recognising instances of design patterns semi-automatically. The approach taken is specifically designed to overcome the existing scalability problems caused by many design and implementation variants of design pattern instances. Our approach is based on(More)
We argue that, despite a substantial number of proposed and existing new database systems, a suitable database system for software development environments and especially process-centred environments does not yet exist. We do so by reviewing and re ning the requirements for such systems in detail based on a number of examples. We then sketch a number of(More)
This paper reviews the design issues that arise in the construction of effective language-based editors for the preparation of syntactically and static semantically correct language sentences, typically computer programs. The need for such editors to support a pluralistic view of program structure is identified, together with the need to observe the(More)
The refinement calculus for the development of programs from specifications is well suited to mechanised support. We review the requirements for tool support of refinement as gleaned from our experience with existing refinement tools, and report on the design and implementation of a new tool to support refinement based on these requirements. The main(More)