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The choledochus and pancreatic duct ordinarily enter the duodenum either separately or via a common channel located in the duodenal wall. The usual maximal length of the common channel is approximately 0.5 cm. An anomalous junction of the pancreaticobiliary tract is defined by the presence of an unusually long common channel whose length is 1 cm or longer.(More)
Using flexible proctosigmoidoscopy, the incidence of adenomatous polyps was studied in 161 patients previously operated on for breast cancer and also in 147 hospitalized controls not presenting with colorectal symptoms. The acceptance and tolerance of the examination were good in both populations. The mean age and length of the colons explored were not(More)
Two patients have been studied with a two and a half and nine year history of metastatic pancreatic apudoma. In both patients the main feature was chronic watery diarrhoea with remissions after partial tumour resection and streptozotocin therapy. Plasma levels of circulating VIP and neurotensin were persistently raised in both patients. Chromatographic(More)
In 1985 we surveyed 691 French male teenagers aged 13-18 years. Two thirds of the same sample was again surveyed in 1990. Average consumption was 3.2 1 ethanol/year in 1985 and 7.2 in 1990. The boys who drank least in 1990 were docile, contented, religious, and already well aware of the dangers of alcohol in 1985. They smoked less, drank less coffee and(More)