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Executive Summary With business and technology complexity increasing rapidly, information technology management departments are attempting to deal with the challenge in a variety of ways. One approach is through the deployment of a nonstandard, comprehensive, finishing course, a so-called capstone information technology management (ITM) course. This paper(More)
IBM made a business decision to promote an open, secure, interoperable and integrateable environment by embracing the IETF's Public Key Infrastructure (X.509) standards, developing a reference implementation of the core set, and giving it away as freeware. We discuss the architecture of this reference code, emphasizing lessons learned from implementing the(More)
BACKGROUND Human and animal health is constantly under threat by emerging pathogens that have recently acquired genetic determinants that enhance their survival, transmissibility and virulence. We describe the construction and development of an Active Surveillance of Pathogens (ASP) oligonucleotide microarray, designed to 'actively survey' the genome of a(More)
This report is part of the NSPCC's Impact and Evidence series, which presents the findings of the Society's research into its services and interventions. Many of the reports are produced by the NSPCC's Evaluation department, but some are written by other organisations commissioned by the Society to carry out research on its behalf. The aim of the series is(More)
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