Jim Valenti

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Two types of lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) viruses were studied which, upon intracerebral injection into adult C3H mice, provoked either (a) acute fatal central nervous system (CNS) disease or (b) life-long persistent infection. Both virus types, (a) aggressive and (b) docile, had been found to induce LCM-specific lymphocytes with comparable in vitro(More)
Figure 1: A highly expressive robotic character, a robust behavior control system, and a host of content-authoring tools combine to generate interactive social experiences with an animatronic character. At Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center, artists and technologists work together on projects that emphasize user experience. The Interbots(More)
(2016). Optimising the use of observational electronic health record data: Current issues, evolving opportunities, strategies and scope for collaboration. (2015). 'The kids are alright'-Changes in GP consultations with children 2000-15. (2015). Comorbidities and risk factors among patients with schizophrenia. (2015). General practitioners' prescribing of(More)
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