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Data annotations are an important kind of meta-data that occur in the form of externally assigned descriptions of particular features in Web accessible documents. Such metadata are eventually used in data retrieval tasks on heterogeneous, possible distributed Web-accessible documents. In this paper, we present the model and realization of an annotation(More)
Ras is a major mediator of PE (phorbol ester) effects in mammalian cells. Various mechanisms for PE activation of Ras have been reported [Downward, Graves, Warne, Rayter and Cantrell (1990) Nature (London) 346, 719-723; Shu, Wu, Mosteller and Broek (2002) Mol. Cell. Biol. 22, 7758-7768; Roose, Mollenauer, Gupta, Stone and Weiss (2005) Mol. Cell. Biol. 25,(More)
ii DEDICATION For my grandfather iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Above all I would like to thank Kevin Gurney for his generous and astute supervision. Many thanks are also due to Jackie Andrade, for supervision and advice, especially in the early stages; to the Basal Ganglia research group, for support of all kinds (especially Mark Humphries and Ric Wood); Neil Porter(More)
The transcription factor growth factor independence 1 (Gfi1) and the growth factor granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) are individually essential for neutrophil differentiation from myeloid progenitors. Here, we provide evidence that the functions of Gfi1 and G-CSF are linked in the regulation of granulopoiesis. We report that Gfi1 promotes the(More)
Negative curvature fibre (NCF) guides light in its core by inhibiting the coupling of core and cladding modes. In this work, an NCF was designed and fabricated to transmit ultrashort optical pulses for multiphoton microscopy with low group velocity dispersion (GVD) at 800 nm. Its attenuation was measured to be <0.3 dB m(-1) over the range 600-850 nm and the(More)
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