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The burden of cancer is growing, and the disease is becoming a major economic expenditure for all developed countries. In 2008, the worldwide cost of cancer due to premature death and disability (not including direct medical costs) was estimated to be US$895 billion. This is not simply due to an increase in absolute numbers, but also the rate of increase of(More)
BACKGROUND The potential for staff exposure to antineoplastic agents exists in the workplace despite current recommended safe handling procedures. Reliance on cytotoxic drug safety cabinets (CDSC) to provide total protection from exposure to hazardous drugs is insufficient. Preventing workplace contamination is the best strategy to minimise exposure.(More)
BACKGROUND In many centres, the use of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) combined with levamisole has become standard therapy for the treatment of patients with Dukes' C colon cancer. However, the role of levamisole remains unclear. MATERIALS AND METHODS All of the published adjuvant studies for colorectal cancer in which 5-FU (either as a single agent or in(More)
Etoposide is commonly used in a variety of malignancies. A well known but rare toxicity are hypersensitivity reactions, usually manifested by chest discomfort, dyspnoea, bronchospasm and hypotension. We report the details of a patient who developed hypersensitivity reactions to intravenous etoposide, but subsequently tolerated the administration of(More)
The issue of medication safety is highly significant when anti-cancer therapy is used as a treatment modality due to the high potential for harm from these agents and the disease context in which they are being used. These guidelines provide recommendations on the safe prescribing, dispensing and administration of chemotherapy and related agents used in the(More)
The usefulness of pharmacokinetically guided individualisation of drug therapy will depend, among other things, on the quality of the analytical and pharmacokinetic methods used. We surveyed the quality of analytical and pharmacokinetics methodology and reporting in a literature search of the oncology literature from 1987 to 1992, using the Medline(More)
This review evaluated the association between time-to-chemotherapy (TTC) and survival in six priority cancers. A systematic review of the literature was undertaken for papers indexed in the MEDLINE and Cochrane Library databases from the earliest index until April 2014. The methodology used has been published in a separate paper (Guidelines for timely(More)