Jim Selman

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Home polysomnography (PSG) by means of ambulatory monitoring systems has distinct advantages over sleep laboratory recordings, especially for children. However, normative data have been lacking. Norms for conventional PSG variables were compiled for 60 children age 5-16 years using the Oxford Medilog ambulatory monitoring system. Recordings were confined to(More)
Twenty-eight cases of intracranial arachnoidal cysts diagnosed during the period 1978-1990 are analyzed. All cases were investigated with computed tomography (CT), 5 with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and 5 with ultrasonography (US). Seventeen were located in the middle cranial fossa, 3 in the quadrigeminal cistern, 2 were parasagittal, 3 suprasellar and(More)
Thirteen pediatric patients with Crohn's disease, aged 12-22 yr, were studied to assess the prevalence of peripheral neuropathy due to oral metronidazole. After 4-11 mo of therapy, 11 of 13 patients (85%) had a sensory peripheral neuropathy, determined by abnormal neurologic examinations or reduced nerve conduction velocities, or both. Only 6 of the 11(More)
The use of laparoscopic guidance for abdominal puncture and introduction of ventriculoperitoneal shunt peritoneal catheters using a peritoneal split trocar is proposed. The technique permits location of the catheter in the right parietocolic space or its relocation if trapped within the omentum. Cerebrospinal fluid flow is certified. Since the submission of(More)
The clinical manifestations and the surgical treatment results of 280 patients (179 female), undergoing a total of 319 operations at the Asenjo Institute of Neurosurgery were retrospectively analyzed. The surgical approach for the first operation was transphenoidal in 89.3% of patients and transcraneal in the rest. Tumors were non-secretory in 169 (60.4%)(More)
Intracranial gliomas are found in association with von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis. However, few truly neonatal lesions have been identified and studied. This case report concerns a 4-month-old child who was found to have a massive thalamic glioma of moderate grade. Four paternal generations had suffered from different manifestations of this(More)
A simple method for the replacement of a peritoneal catheter is described. The old catheter is disconnected from the valve and exteriorized from the peritoneal cavity, using a straight connector. The new catheter is anchored to the cranial or peritoneal end of the old catheter. A gentle traction allows the new catheter to follow the previous subcutaneous(More)