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We have previously reported that loss-of-function mutations in the cathepsin C gene (CTSC) result in Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome, an autosomal recessive condition characterized by palmoplantar keratosis and early-onset, severe periodontitis. Others have also reported CTSC mutations in patients with severe prepubertal periodontitis, but without any skin(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper summarizes a series of studies of the effectiveness of ergonomically based functional screening tests for post offer pre-placement of applicants for physically demanding jobs, and their relationship to reducing worker compensation injuries. Three predictive validation studies and a meta-analysis of injury rates pre- and(More)
Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) offers a potentially flexible and low cost method of locating objects and tracking people within buildings. RFID systems generally require less infrastructure to be installed than other solutions but have their own limitations. As part of an assisted living system, RFID tools may be useful to locate lost objects,(More)
INTRODUCTION The Royal College of Physicians (RCPL) National Early Warning Score (NEWS) escalates care to a doctor at NEWS values of ≥5 and when the score for any single vital sign is 3. METHODS We calculated the 24-h risk of serious clinical outcomes for vital signs observation sets with NEWS values of 3, 4 and 5, separately determining risks when the(More)
AIM OF STUDY To build an early warning score (EWS) based exclusively on routinely undertaken laboratory tests that might provide early discrimination of in-hospital death and could be easily implemented on paper. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using a database of combined haematology and biochemistry results for 86,472 discharged adult patients for whom the(More)
Increasingly, applications of technology are being developed to provide care to elderly and vulnerable people living alone. This paper looks at using sensors to monitor a person's wellbeing. The paper attempts to recognise and distinguish falling, sitting and walking activities from accelerometer data. Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) is used to extract(More)
In this paper, we describe our experience of designing a telecare product for the elderly. This is a collaborative project involving Passivsystems Ltd and the Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics at the University of Portsmouth. The research aims at adapting Passivsystems' existing in-home hub so that it is capable of providing a telecare service(More)