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We have revised the frequency of our SIGHealth newsletter into a quarterly format, with plans to publish future issues in July, September, and January. In this issue, our first article reports the activities and plans of our new SIGHealth president, Vance Wilson. Congratulations to Vance and many thanks for his service on the SIGHealth board. The other(More)
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 308 water-sediment transformation test has been routinely conducted in Phase II Tier A testing of the environmental risk assessment (ERA) for all human pharmaceutical marketing authorization applications in Europe, since finalization of Environmental Medicines Agency (EMA) ERA guidance in(More)
Dynamic technological activities of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis can highlight complex relationships within integrated processes to target improvement and ultimately yield improved processes. Likewise, the identification of existing process limitations, potential capabilities, and subsequent contextual understanding are contributing factors that(More)
* Without implicating any of them, I wish to thank the many individuals who have informed the thinking reflected in this paper. While few, if any, of them would agree with everything written here, much of the value of this document is attributable to the wisdom and insights shared by social Immonen and Ruben Echeverria, provided extensive data,(More)
Soft innovations are regarded as insightful, useful ideas originating from stakeholders within the organization. This study takes a new approach to examining the origins of soft innovations within an open systems environment from an organizational context perspective. Based on a 30-month longitudinal study at a 990 registered-bed large teaching hospital,(More)