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Recent research in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia suggests that we can no longer assume a direct and exclusive link between anatomically modern humans and behavioral modernity (the 'human revolution'), and assume that the presence of either one implies the presence of the other: discussions of the emergence of cultural complexity have to proceed with(More)
P ostoperative adhesions are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in surgical patients. The use of prosthetic meshes in abdominal surgery increases the formation of adhesions by triggering an inflammatory reaction to a foreign body. Although several animal studies have shown that implantation of the composite polypropylene and(More)
OBJECTIVES NADH fluorescence microscopy has been used as an index of the metabolic state of tissue but is associated with various obstacles such as low spatial resolution and quenching effects of blood pigments that prevent reliable monitoring of tissue bioenergetics. The objective of this study was to develop a system to monitor tissue bioenergetics in(More)
OBJECTIVE Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory response to a bacterial infection. Inflammation may result in injury to the small bowel and an increase in translocation of bacteria and toxins across the mucosal barrier, which may contribute to the progression of sepsis. Microcirculatory perfusion or cytopathic hypoxia may cause impairment of tissue(More)
There are three steps New Zealand can take to make its bilateral development assistance more effective in reducing poverty. These steps are unilateral: they improve the effectiveness of development assistance without requiring changes in the politics or policies of developing countries. By far the most important of these three steps is to focus New(More)
Determining the large-scale structure of galaxy distribution in the local universe is currently an active research area in cosmology. Features called superclusters, which are global overdensities of galaxies, are of particular interest. Superclusters are comprised of a collection of galaxy clusters, which are smaller-scale and more dense regions of(More)
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