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Recent research in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia suggests that we can no longer assume a direct and exclusive link between anatomically modern humans and behavioral modernity (the 'human revolution'), and assume that the presence of either one implies the presence of the other: discussions of the emergence of cultural complexity have to proceed with(More)
BACKGROUND the mortality and morbidity of falls in older people is significant, with recurrent fallers being at an increased risk. The most effective way to reduce falls in this group is not clear. OBJECTIVE to determine the effectiveness of two interventions, one based in primary care and the other in secondary care, at preventing further falls in(More)
PURPOSE With dose escalation and increasing use of concurrent chemoradiotherapy, radiation esophagitis (RE) remains a common treatment-limiting acute side effect in the treatment of thoracic malignancies. The advent of 3DCT planning has enabled investigators to study esophageal dose-volume histogram (DVH) parameters as predictors of RE. The purpose of this(More)
PURPOSE To determine the current use of brachytherapy, characteristics of the brachytherapy workforce, and barriers to development and maintenance of brachytherapy programs across Canada. METHODS AND MATERIALS A survey was designed to inquire about the use of brachytherapy and was sent to all Canadian radiation oncologists. RESULTS Of the 116(More)
PURPOSE Rates of late toxicity are higher for salvage treatment of local recurrence after prior radiotherapy. We present our experience with salvage prostate brachytherapy (BT) for local recurrence after definitive external beam radiotherapy with attention to the relationship between dose and late toxicity. METHODS AND MATERIALS From 2005 to 2012, 18(More)
In the setting of castrate-resistant prostate cancer, patients present with a variety of symptoms, including bone metastases, spinal cord compression and advanced pelvic disease. Fortunately, a variety of radiotherapeutic options exist for palliation. This article focuses on these options, including both external beam radiotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals.
PURPOSE To demonstrate the benefit of deformable image registration (DIR) to define postimplant seromas in permanent breast seed implants (PBSIs) by adapting preimplant seromas to postimplant images. METHODS AND MATERIALS Planning and Day 0 CT scans from 15 consecutive PBSI patients were included. Seromas were contoured on the preimplant CTs. After(More)
35 Background: Survival is often overestimated, yet physicians rely on such predictions to recommend appropriate therapy and assist with end-of-life planning. Administration of radiotherapy (RT) within the last 30 days of life has been suggested as an indicator of poor quality care, since acute side effects reduce quality of life with insufficient time for(More)
Determining the large-scale structure of galaxy distribution in the local universe is currently an active research area in cosmology. Features called superclusters, which are global overdensities of galaxies, are of particular interest. Superclusters are comprised of a collection of galaxy clusters, which are smaller-scale and more dense regions of(More)