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The cell wall of wood tracheids is made up of various layers, distinguished from one other by the alignment of the innumerable, fine crystalline cellulose microfibrils within each layer that helically wind about the cell lumen. Microfibrils themselves are embedded in a more compliant, water-reactive matrix of amorphous lignin and hemicelluloses. The average(More)
Both flash- and pattern-elicited electroretinograms and visual-evoked potentials were recorded from a patient with well-documented unilateral optic nerve dysfunction. Although the flash-elicited electroretinograms from the left and right eyes did not differ in amplitude or latency, the flash-elicited visual-evoked potentials were greatly attenuated.(More)
Previous comprehension studies using postperceptual memory tests have often reported negligible differences in performance between natural speech and several kinds of synthetic speech produced by rule, despite large differences in segmental intelligibility. The present experiments investigated the comprehension of natural and synthetic speech using two(More)
Three experiments used sine-wave replicas of speech sounds to explore some differences between speech perception and general auditory perception. The experiments compared patterns of behavior in categorization and discrimination tasks for listeners reporting either speech or nonspeech percepts of sine-wave replicas of speech. We hypothesized that the(More)
Discrete numerical approximations with additional conserved quantities are developed here both for barotropic geophysical flows generalizing the 2D incompressible fluid equations and suitable discretizations of the Burgers-Hopf equation. Mathematical, numerical, and statistical properties of these approximations are studied below in various different(More)
As i a P ac i fi c / Afr i c a / Eur op e / Mi d dl e-Eas t / La ti n Am er i c a / N or t h Am er i c a C o p yr i gh t © P r oS o f t Te c hn ol og y , I nc. Introduction The use of Ethernet for industrial networking is growing rapidly in factory automation, process control and SCADA systems. The ODVA EtherNet/IP network standard is gaining popularity as(More)
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