Jim R Wilson

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The electrophysiological properties of acutely isolated canine articular chondrocytes have been characterized using patch-clamp methods. The 'steady-state' current-voltage relationship (I-V) of single chondrocytes over the range of potentials from -100 to +40 mV was highly non-linear, showing strong outward rectification positive to the zero-current(More)
More than half of all known proteins, and almost all membrane and extra-cellular proteins have oligosaccharide structures or glycans attached to them. Defects in glycosylation pathways are directly involved in at least 30 severe human diseases.A multiple center cross-sectional study (China, Croatia, and Scotland) was carried out to investigate the possible(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TriData Corporation acknowledges the invaluable contributions of the following individuals in the preparation of this report. This document would not have been possible without the assistance of the many technology experts. We thank them for their knowledge, insights, and contribution to this study. In addition, we thank the fire-rescue(More)
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