Jim Q. Smith

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Picoeukaryotes represent an important, yet poorly characterized component of marine phytoplankton. The recent genome availability for two species of Ostreococcus and Micromonas has led to the emergence of picophytoplankton comparative genomics. Sequencing has revealed many unexpected features about genome structure and led to several hypotheses on(More)
Graphs provide an excellent framework for interrogating symmetric models of measurement random variables and discovering their implied conditional independence structure. However, it is not unusual for a model to be specified from a description of how a process unfolds (i.e. via its event tree), rather than through relationships between a given set of(More)
In this paper we investigate the geometry of the likelihood of the unknown parameters in a simple class of Bayesian directed graphs with hidden variables. This enables us, before any numerical algorithms are employed, to obtain certain insights in the nature of the uniden­ tifiability inherent in such models, the way posterior densities will be sensitive to(More)
Abstract. This paper considers the problem of estimating the structure of multiple related directed acyclic graph (DAG) models. Building on recent developments in exact estimation of DAGs using integer linear programming (ILP), we present an ILP approach for joint estimation over multiple DAGs, that does not require that the vertices in each DAG share a(More)
The class of chain event graph models is a generalisation of the class of discrete Bayesian networks, retaining most of the structural advantages of the Bayesian network for model interrogation, propagation and learning, while more naturally encoding asymmetric state spaces and the order in which events happen. In this paper we demonstrate how with complete(More)
A Kalman filter method using off-site radiation monitoring data is proposed as a tool for on-line estimation of the source term for short-range atmospheric dispersion of radioactive materials. The method is based on the Gaussian plume model, in which the plume parameters including the source term exhibit a 'random walk' process. The embedded parameters of(More)
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