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For the systematic study of the role of inflammation in the morbidity and mortality associated with bacterial meningitis, techniques for quantitation of the inflammatory reaction in the meninges of rabbits with experimental pneumococcal infection were developed. The brains of 19 infected animals were removed intact, and the area of inflammation in(More)
From 1966 to 1973, a total of 30 cases of tuberculous peritonitis were seen in Seattle-King County. Abdominal pain, swelling, and constitutional symptoms were the most frequent initial complaints. Radiographic abnormalities consistent with tuberculosis were present in 25 cases, and pulmonary disease was proven in ten. An initial tuberculin test with(More)
A popular approach to knowledge extraction from clinical databases is to first define an ontology of the concepts one wishes to model and subsequently, use these concepts to test various hypotheses and make predictions about a person’s future health and wellbeing. The challenge for medical experts is in the time taken to map between their(More)
A common activity carried out by healthcare professionals is to test various hypotheses on longitudinal study data in an effort to develop new and more reliable algorithms that might determine the possibility of developing certain illnesses. The INnovative, Midlife INtervention for Dementia Deterrence project provides input from a number of European(More)
There are many projects today where data is collected automatically to provide input for various data mining algorithms. A problem with freshly generated datasets is their unsupervised nature, leading to difficulty in fitting predictive algorithms without substantial manual effort. One of the first steps in dataset preparation and mining is anomaly(More)
Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) is a severe, mucocutaneous, necrolytic reaction to a variety of antigenic stimuli. The use of systemic corticosteroids in the treatment of TEN is controversial because of a lack of randomized, controlled, prospective studies, and because the effects of steroid therapy vary depending on the dosage and time of its(More)