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— The increasing power and connectivity of to-day's computers have spurred the growth in streaming audio and video available on the Internet through the Web. While there is substantial research characterizing the performance of streaming media and characterizing documents stored on the Internet, there have been few studies characterizing streaming audio and(More)
MIRTIS is an environment which employs model-based synthesis techniques to generate real-time image processing applications. T h e system is capable of creating very high performance implementations of a large class of image processzng computations. I t automatically data parallelizes the computations using the split-and-merge processing model and executes(More)
Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) uses many data processing techniques to transform raw data or information from a specific NDE technique into useful NDE information from which decisions can be made. Historically, the data processing systems associated with each NDE technique were tuned or optimized to that technique. In today's environment it is desirable(More)
Insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) is an attractive target for anti-cancer therapy due to its anti-apoptotic effect on tumor cells, but inhibition of insulin receptor (IR) may have undesired metabolic consequences. The primary sequences of the ATP substrate-binding sites of these receptors are identical and the crystal structures of the(More)
Directed by the ACM Education Board, the ACM CCECC (Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges) has produced curricular guidance for associate-degree IT programs consisting of core IT learning outcomes with associated assessment rubrics. The learning outcomes express core IT competencies which should be common to all IT-related associate-degree(More)