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The accurate modelling of teeth under orthodontic load in the laboratory has many shortcomings in that it has not been possible to integrate methods, such as three-dimensional models, photo-elastic stress analysis, laser holographic interferometry, and animal studies, to give comprehensive and repeatable results. In this study, using a three-dimensional(More)
Extensive data on the trajectories of icebergs located off the coast of Labrador has yielded information on tidal currents, the effect of wind on iceberg motion, and the properties of the low-frequency eddies. Statistical properties of the data were shown to be related to theoretical ideas on two-dimensional turbulence and to the connection between Eulerian(More)
The aim of the study was to develop a 3D computer model of the movement of a maxillary incisor tooth when subjected to an orthodontic load. A novel method was to be developed to directly and accurately measure orthodontic tooth movement in a group of human volunteers. This was to be used to validate the finite element-based computer model. The design took(More)
The objectives of the study were to isolate the bracket-cement interface, and to determine the influence of bracket base morphology and orthodontic bonding agent chosen on strength of adhesion. The bracket bases evaluated included 60, 80, and 100 single mesh bases, a double mesh base, and the Dynalock, and Mini Twin bases. The strength of interface provided(More)
A finite element investigation comparing bonded inlays and directly placed restorations is presented. The stress build-up due to the contraction of the restorative composite and the composite luting cement was computed using a finite element model accounting for the time-dependent, elasto-visco-plastic behaviour of the composite. In addition, the stresses(More)
The quantification of stress in the periodontal ligament is an important concept, as stress in this tissue is transmitted to the alveolus, with subsequent bone remodelling and tooth movement. A number of clinical studies have suggested figures for such an optimal stress range. This study makes use of a finite element technique to determine the stress(More)
Current remodeling theories, as applied to long bones, suggest that such processes are controlled by mechanical strains either within or on the bone surface. In this study, the stresses and strains within the periodontal ligament and surrounding bone, consequent to orthodontic loading of a tooth, were investigated by application of the finite element(More)
In the past, vertical intrusive movement of teeth has been considered difficult and most routine clinical vertical movement of teeth has been confined to extrusion. It has been suggested that attempts at intrusion may result in an increased incidence of root resorption and also in occasional devitalization. The displacement and resulting stress fields(More)
Evidence obtained by means of rubber strip tests and an ozone recorder indicates the presence of abnormal concentrations of ozone in the atmosphere at times. Excellent correlation was obtained between appearance of "weather fleck" in tobacco and high values for ozone. The great similarity between lesions occurring naturally and those produced by ozone in(More)