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Book review: the Cabinet Office: 1916-2016 by Anthony Seldon with Jonathan Meakin
The Cabinet Office: 1916-2016, authored by Anthony Seldon with Jonathan Meakin, offers a detailed history of the Cabinet Office from its creation during World War I up to the present as well as theExpand
Parliamentary Sovereignty, the Precedent of the Mixed Constitutional Model and the UK’s Membership of the EU
Parliamentary sovereignty has become practically unsettled because EU membership has led to a strong fusion of both executive and judicial powers within the EU architecture at the expense of theExpand
Book review: the UK after Brexit: legal and policy challenges edited by Michael Dougan
In the edited collection The UK after Brexit: Legal and Policy Challenges, Michael Dougan brings together contributors to explore the key challenges facing the UK legal system and broader publicExpand
The British constitution resettled? Parliamentary sovereignty after the EU Referendum
The evidence from parliamentary and legal processes flowing from the European Union referendum in June 2016 and the vote to leave – including invoking Article 50 and subsequent Withdrawal Bill votes,Expand
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Eight Historical Constitutional Forms: Defining the Rule of the Present Day ‘Recognised Helm’
In order to understand how the multiple meanings of parliamentary sovereignty have been made historically operable, it is imperative to consider eight historical constitutional forms: (1) ‘What theExpand
Parliamentary Sovereignty, Collective Representation and EU Membership
Parliament’s sovereignty has become unsettled because the UK’s constitution has had European Parliament-level parliamentary representation competing with it, not for individual electoral interests,Expand
A Great Resettlement? Parliamentary Sovereignty After Brexit
Parliament’s sovereignty becomes unsettled when EU-level decision-making over substantive policy areas is incorporated into the UK constitution. It diminishes the historical precedents of governmentExpand
Parliamentary Sovereignty, the EU Free Movement of Persons and the Precedent of Fundamental Rights Provision
Parliament’s sovereignty is effectively unsettled because EU-level fundamental rights schemes are incorporated into the UK constitution. The historical precedents of Bracton, in a medievalExpand
Making Sense of Sovereignty, Parliamentary Sovereignty and the ‘Rule of the Recognised Helm’
By conceptualising sovereignty as: (i) consisting of intrinsically historical self-understandings; and (ii) encompassing both law-making as well as a form of ‘governing at the helm’ of the ship ofExpand