Jim M. Coakes

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BACKGROUND Lack of insight is frequently observed in schizophrenia. Relationships have been noted between poor insight, clinical symptoms and cognitive impairments but the findings are inconsistent. There have been some recent attempts to relate poor insight to neuro-anatomical measures. METHOD We assessed insight, positive and negative symptoms of(More)
In this paper, we set out to explore the organisational knowledge that evolves from virtual cooperative work experiences. Through case narratives we demonstrate issues that can arise and using the four theoretical viewpoints of sociotechnology, knowledge management, organisational communication theory, and Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) we(More)
The intra-articular injection of local anaesthetic is frequently used for pain relief after arthroscopy. There is, however, no published evidence of the analgesic effect of bupivacaine in the ankle. In a randomised, double-blind study, 35 patients undergoing arthroscopy of the ankle were allocated to receive intra-articular saline or bupivacaine. Pain was(More)
Ontology is the study of what is. This paper examines the discovery, representation, and cooperative work surrounding what is perceived, by exploring a possible relationship between three ontologies (supported by extensive case research into a university's student record system, SRS). The first ontology, based on ethnography, is personal and contextual,(More)
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