Jim Lauria

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In this paper, we report on the design, fabrication, packaging, and testing of very reliable CMOS-integrated 10-cm<sup>2</sup> 11-megapixel SiGe-based micromirror arrays on top of planarized six-level metal 0.18-¿m CMOS wafers. The array, which is to be used as a spatial light modulator (SLM) for optical maskless lithography, consists of 8 ¿m × 8 ¿m pixels,(More)
This article reports for the first time on the packaging of 10 cm<sup>2</sup> 11 MPixel SiGe micro-mirror arrays, intended to be used as spatial light modulator (SLM). Due to very stringent requirements on mounted die flatness (&#x226A;0.01 mrad), first-level packaging of the SLM die is done using specially designed SiC holders. To avoid trapped particles(More)
A case report of soda-lime dust contamination of the breathing circuit of an anesthesia machine causing bronchospasm in a patient is presented. Various factors in absorber design and increased dusting of soda lime due to high-flow techniques and lack of wetting are described. A modification of the Fraser-Sweatman absorber leading the fresh gas into an area(More)