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  • Bob Knight, Bob Kadlec, +5 authors D Timeframe
  • 1999
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This document is the result of the collective efforts of many individuals. All members of the Interagency Workgroup on Constructed Wetlands, listed in Appendix IV, worked extremely hard reviewing multiple drafts to make these Guiding Principles a reality. EPA's Wetlands Division extends its heartfelt gratitude to all Workgroup members for(More)
An in-depth theoretical as well as experimental analysis of the nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers with active optical feedback is presented. Use of a monolithically integrated multisection device of submillimeter total length provides access to the short-cavity regime. By introducing an amplifier section as a special feature, phase and strength of(More)
2008 New Approaches in Decentralized Water Infrastructure iii LEGAL NOTICE This report was prepared as part of the National Decentralized Water Resources Capacity Development Project (NDWRCDP) by the organization named below as an account of work funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through Cooperative Agreement No. X-830851(More)
BOOM is a photonic integration concept that aims to develop compact, cost-effective and power efficient silicon photonic components for high capacity routing functionalities. To accomplish this, flip-chip bonding and heterogeneous wafer scale fabrication techniques are employed that enable Si manufacturing with III-IV material processing. We present in this(More)
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