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In Information Systems research there are a growing number of studies that must necessarily draw upon the contexts, experiences and narratives of practitioners. This calls for research approaches that are qualitative and may also be interpretive. These may include case studies or action research projects. For some researchers, particularly those with(More)
This paper describes a new host interface architecture for high-speed networks operating at 800 of Mbit/second or higher rates. The architecture is targeted to achieve several 100s of Mbit/second application-to-application performance for a wide range of host architectures. The architecture achieves the goal by providing a streamlined execution environment(More)
Edge detection is an important pre-processing step in image segmentation. Conventionally, edges are detected according to gradient property, then processed by the thresholding technique. By such an approach, "ne edge details in dark region of the image are eliminated. It is annoying sometimes as they are as useful as those in bright region, although this is(More)