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In Information Systems research there are a growing number of studies that must necessarily draw upon the contexts, experiences and narratives of practitioners. This calls for research approaches that are qualitative and may also be interpretive. These may include case studies or action research projects. For some researchers, particularly those with(More)
This paper describes a new host interface architecture for high-speed networks operating at 800 of Mbit/second or higher rates. The architecture is targeted to achieve several 100s of Mbit/second application-to-application performance for a wide range of host architectures. The architecture achieves the goal by providing a streamlined execution environment(More)
The exponential data growth and new data retention regulations have created a higher demand for tape storage systems since the tape technology provides long lifetime archival with low cost per storage unit [1, 2, 3]. However, tape storage is hard to use due to its SCSI interface and sequential access nature. The purpose of this project is to provide(More)
Animals that fast during breeding and/or development, such as phocids, must regulate energy balance carefully to maximize reproductive fitness and survival probability. Adiponectin, produced by adipose tissue, contributes to metabolic regulation by modulating sensitivity to insulin, increasing fatty acid oxidation by liver and muscle, and promoting(More)
BACKGROUND In Perú, a previous study of government-sponsored periodic examinations of female sex workers (FSWs) found no significant impact on rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). GOAL This study assessed the impact of technically improved periodic STD services on STD prevalence and on consistent condom use (CCU). STUDY DESIGN The study(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine age and gender specific trends in coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke mortality in two neighbouring countries, the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Northern Ireland (NI). DESIGN Epidemiological study of time trends in CHD and stroke mortality. SETTING/PATIENTS The populations of the ROI and NI, 1985-2010. INTERVENTIONS None. (More)
Edge detection is an important pre-processing step in image segmentation. Conventionally, edges are detected according to gradient property, then processed by the thresholding technique. By such an approach, "ne edge details in dark region of the image are eliminated. It is annoying sometimes as they are as useful as those in bright region, although this is(More)
The t(7;12)(q36;p13) is a recurrent chromosome abnormality in infant leukemia. In these cases, the involvement of ETV6, with disruption of the gene consistently at its 5' end, has been reported by several groups. A fusion transcript between ETV6 and HLXB9 has been detected in some, but not all, reported cases of t(7;12). We report here a study based on(More)