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OBJECTIVE Demonstrate the relationship between employee engagement and workplace safety for predicting patient safety culture. INTRODUCTION Patient safety is an issue for the U.S. health-care system, and health care has some of the highest rates of nonfatal workplace injuries. Understanding the types of injuries sustained by health-care employees, the(More)
"Yes. Here's the lounge, the new the d<?nn room I had when I was in college. lounge. It was just re-done. Over Really, not bad at all." here, pop machines, candy machine--all the essentials." "It's a little messy. This is my bed. That's my desk--the moderately messy one. "It's a nice donn. Where do you eat That's my roommate's desk--the messy, messy your(More)
L-lysine, a cationic essential amino acid, has been reported to affect calcium transport in both intestine and kidney. In order to investigate whether this effect is associated with changes in cytosolic calcium homeostasis, we studied the effect of L-lysine deprivation on intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i), as well as45Ca efflux and accumulation(More)
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