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After injury to the CNS, extracellular matrix molecules such as tenascin are upregulated around the injury site and may be involved in inhibition of axon growth. In the present study, astrocytes were investigated to determine which cell types, growth factors, or cytokines are responsible for the injury-induced regulation of tenascin. The addition of(More)
Considerable controversy exists about the value of histologic classifications of gastric adenocarcinoma in the prediction of patient survival. Histologic sections of 75 consecutive gastrectomies were used to compare Lauren and Ming classifications with emphasis on clinical stage, size, location of tumor, desmoplasia, inflammatory reaction, and 5-year(More)
We report the first large-scale outbreak of echovirus 19 infection. It occurred in the north-east of England during the summer and autumn of 1974. The virus was isolated from 268 patients in the region. The infection spread from the urban to more rural areas, reaching a peak in mid-August. Males were affected more often than females in the ratio 1-6:1. Half(More)