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Forty sites were visited during a survey of exposures to diesel engine exhaust emissions. Personal and background exposure to gaseous components, respirable dust, elemental carbon, organic carbon and total carbon were measured and details of control systems were recorded. The results show a wide spread in exposure patterns reflecting the different work(More)
Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of the expected dose to the reasonably maximally exposed individual in the Yucca Mountain 2008 total system performance assessment (TSPA) are presented. Uncertainty results are obtained with Latin hypercube sampling of epistemic uncertain inputs, and partial rank correlation coefficients are used to illustrate(More)
The travel agency industry depends upon commissions for a majority of its revenue. When these commissions decrease or stop the industry must change the means in which revenue is made. The Internet has caused a significant reduction in airline ticket sales and therefore has caused travel agencies to change. In addition travel agencies have reduced(More)
Evaluation of potential toxicity and bioavailability of chromium in sediments associated with chromite ore processing residue. Hardware description and sampling protocols for the Trident Probe and UltraSeep system: Technologies to evaluate contaminant transfer between groundwater and surface water.
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