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Seventeen clinically normal adult English Cocker Spaniels from a kennel population with a history of cardiomyopathy were assessed, using M-mode echocardiography, to establish reference values for left ventricular (LV) dimensions for this breed of dog. Echocardiographic measurements were compared with postmortem measurements in 10 of 17 dogs. The LV weight(More)
A clinical diagnosis of chronic renal failure associated with nephron atrophy and fibrosis was made in 4 blue roan Cocker Spaniels. The lesion was considered to be the result of a primary glomerulopathy. All dogs were closely related. The findings were similar to those previously described for renal cortical hypoplasia. On the basis of the morphological(More)
A product available commercially for making dental impressions, Jeltrate Plus, was evaluated as a tissue equivalent bolus material. Jeltrate Plus was found to be tissue equivalent in 6 and 15 MV photon energy beams and 6, 12, and 20 MeV electron energy beams. As a first step, different preparations for making the bolus material were investigated and an(More)
The echocardiographic characterization of a dilatation cardiomyopathy in small-breed dogs is reported. Twelve clinically healthy adult English Cocker Spaniel dogs (between 2 and 9 years old and weighing 11.5 to 15.4 kg [mean 12.9 +/- 1.00 kg]) from a kennel population with a history of cardiomyopathy were assessed, using M-mode echocardiography. The dogs(More)
To investigate the striping phenomenon in fresh, enhanced pork, a series of experiments were undertaken to identify possible causes of the problem. No one factor (individual brine components, brine pH, ingredient concentration, enhancement pressure, meat and brine pH, or enhancement level) was specifically identified, which could be used to reduce the(More)
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