Jim Gansemer

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In many database and data mining applications concerning people, name matching plays a key role. Many algorithms to match names have been proposed. These algorithms must take into account spelling and transcription errors, name abbreviations, nicknames, out of order names, and missing or extra names. The existing algorithms typically fall along the lines of(More)
Performance assessment and design evaluation of the proposed repository at Yucca Mountain are facilitated by a thermohydrologic modeling tool that simultaneously accounts for processes occurring at a scale of a few tens of centimeters around individual waste packages and emplacement drifts, and accounts for processes at the multi-kilometer scale of the(More)
We report results from a multi-scale thermohydrologic modeling study for two alternative thermal-operating modes for the potential repository system recently analyzed by the Yucca Mountain Project. These include a Higher-Temperature Operating Mode (HTOM), which results in a localized boiling zone around each emplacement drift, and a Lower-Temperature(More)
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