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In this paper, we present continuing research into the use of web lectures to enhance the classroom learning experience. By using web lectures to present lecture material in advance of class, more in-class time can be spent engaging students with authentic learning activities; our goal is to use class time for more learning by doing, less learning by(More)
BACKGROUND Previously, cryopreserved red blood cell (RBC) units derived from CPD/AS-5 whole-blood (WB) collections have been limited to 24 hours postthaw storage (1-6 degrees C). STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Sixty-four leukoreduced (LR) and 54 nonleukoreduced (NLR) AS-5 (n = 118) RBC units from 500-mL WB collections were stored for 6 days, glycerolized,(More)
BACKGROUND Methods of bacterial detection and pathogen inactivation of platelets (PLTs) may allow extended storage of PLTs as long as PLT quality is maintained. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Twenty normal volunteers had their PLTs collected with an apheresis machine (Haemonetics Corp.). A variety of in vitro PLT function and metabolic assays were performed(More)
Intragastric feeding of dimethylbenz-[a]anthracene in corn oil together with urethane in the drinking water and forced breeding were successful in rapidly inducing (2-4 months) mammary tumors (adenoacanthomas) in inbred NYLR/Nya mice, which have a low incidence of spontaneous breast tumors and of other tumors. The tumors could be quickly and permanently(More)
In the course of development of an in vivo invasion model, sublines of a series of allogenic and isogeneic carcinoma cell lines have been selected that show enhanced invasion of the peritoneum. It was found that, during the proliferation of tumor cell lines in ascitic form in the abdominal cavity, small numbers of cells infiltrated or firmly adhered to the(More)
This written report summarizes the discussions an d conclusions of the goals and objectives group at th e ACM/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Software Tools for Use r Interface Development . The report is organized into th e following sections : e Section 1 — Overview of group goals and discussions Section 2 — Definition and characteristics of a UIM S ® Section 3 —(More)
Radioligand binding assays for total and Ig classes of insulin antibodies (IAB) were developed and validated. For each assay, insulin-extracted serum samples were incubated with radiolabeled insulin in the presence and absence of high levels of unlabeled insulin to determine nonspecific binding and total binding, respectively. To measure total IAB,(More)