Jim Etheredge

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Image fusion has been rapidly gaining importance in application areas such as medical imaging, remote sensing, robotics, navigation and the military. This has led to emergence of several algorithms for image fusion for generating more precise images. This paper presents a novel approach of selecting best image fusion algorithm for a given scenario using(More)
Fall migratory monarch butterflies, tested for their directional responses to magnetic cues under three conditions, amagnetic, normal, and reversed magnetic fields, showed three distinct patterns. In the absence of a magnetic field, monarchs lacked directionality as a group. In the normal magnetic field, monarchs oriented to the southwest with a group(More)
A new course in handheld game programming is described. The target platform is the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. We explain the capabilities of this platform and the tools and documentation used to teach the course. We provide a self evaluation from our experience teaching the course for the first time. Finally, the value of the course in exposing students to(More)
Design and development of a large video game is a challenging software engineering and project management problem. Thus, it is a non-trivial task. This paper describes the design and development of a game, entitled N-STAL, which embodies nearly every aspect of game design and implementation, including researching, crafting of assets, selection and usage of(More)
This paper describes the creation of a 2D game engine, the ULL Introductory Game Engine (UIGE), for use in an introductory video game programming course as part of an undergraduate computer science curriculum. Having the right tools available can make illustrating the concepts of game development and design substantially easier. In creating the engine, a(More)
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