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The Internet has led to the creation of a digital society, where (almost) everything is connected and is accessible from anywhere. However, despite their widespread adoption, traditional IP networks are complex and very hard to manage. It is both difficult to configure the network according to predefined policies, and to reconfigure it to respond to faults,(More)
A key challenge of future mobile communication research is to strike an attractive compromise between wireless network's area spectral efficiency and energy efficiency. This necessitates a clean-slate approach to wireless system design, embracing the rich body of existing knowledge, especially on multiple-input-multiple-ouput (MIMO) technologies. This(More)
In many applications, black-box prediction is not satisfactory, and understanding the data is of critical importance. Typically, approaches useful for understanding of data involve logical rules, evaluate similarity to prototypes, or are based on visualization or graphical methods. This paper is focused on the extraction and use of logical rules for data(More)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing offers customers (tenants) a scalable and economical way to provision virtual machines (VMs) on demand while charging them only for the leased computing resources by time. However, due to the VM contention on shared computing resources in datacenters, this new computing paradigm inevitably brings noticeable(More)
A central challenge of artificial intelligence is to create machines that can learn from their own experience and perform at the level of human experts. Using an evolutionary algorithm, a computer program has learned to play chess by playing games against itself. The program learned to evaluate chessboard configurations by using the positions of pieces,(More)
The germ of the component idea arose in mass production as the interchangeable part, but in today's information and communications technology (ICT) industries the component can connote considerably more, such as multiple uses, opportunistic combinations with other components, design by assembly, and incremental evolution through field replacement with(More)
Depletion of easily accessible petroleum reserves has created unstable oil supply and price, opening the opportunity to replace oil as an energy source with other fossil sources and ultimately with renewable and perhaps nuclear sources. The dual-fuel strategy is a plan to facilitate the transition from fossil to renewable sources by first replacing fossil(More)
John von Neumann’s interest in a universal interpreter–copier for self-replication actually predated Crick and Watson’s landmark study of the DNA double helix structure. Von Neumann’s visionary work anticipated the future, namely, the fact that the same mechanisms that describe replication of a cell organism can be applied to 01 nanotech circuits and(More)