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School of Health and Social Studies, RCN Research Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK Academic Rheumatology Group, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK School of Health and Related Studies, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK Centre for Citizen Participation, Brunel University and Chair of Shaping Our Lives, The National Service User and(More)
INTRODUCTION Various initiatives have been implemented in recent years to support primary care practitioners new to research. We describe the evaluation of one particular scheme, the NHS Eastern Region Primary Care R&D Enterprise Award Scheme, and discuss the implications of the results for future policy. METHODS Representatives from both the funders (NHS(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the long-term effects of the DEVAX AXXESS biolimus eluting stent (BES) in a porcine coronary model, compared with those of bare metal stent (BMS) and polymer only stent (POS) controls. BACKGROUND Excessive neointimal growth has been identified as a major cause of late failure of percutaneous coronary(More)
The objectives of the Forum Series are to help USAID make its donor assistance more effective and sustainable by incorporating insights from the New Institutional Economics into USAID's programming and delivery of development assistance. Services for the Forum Series are provided by the Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector (IRIS) and its(More)
PLAIN ENGLISH SUMMARY Researchers who conduct studies in health and social care are encouraged to involve the public as early as possible in the process of designing their studies. Before their studies are allowed to start researchers must seek approval from a Research Ethics Committee, which will assess whether the study is going to be safe and ethical for(More)
Despite the long tradition in economics of trade being seen as net welfareimproving, criticism of trade and hence trade liberalization policies has cropped up from time to time, especially as far as LDCs are concerned. Among the concerns of trade liberalization from the LDC perspective were fears of terms of trade deterioration for primary exporters, the(More)
The history of economic development has been closely intertwined with that of a country’s trade orientation. The fashion has ebbed and flowed regarding a more open economy, most recently in the guise of the virtues of globalization. Economists have extolled the (theoretical) justifications for freer trade and, currently, much movement is seen in the arena(More)
This essay, which reports on the economic analysis of law and norms as it pertains to economic development, has two themes. First, effective business law aligns with business norms through an evolutionary process that I call “market modernization.” Market modernization is decentralized and competitive. Modernization of law through politics (“political(More)
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