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This paper introduces an automated computer- assisted system for the diagnosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) using ultra-large cervical histological digital slides. The system contains two parts: the segmentation of squamous epithelium and the diagnosis of CIN. For the segmentation, to reduce processing time, a multiresolution method is(More)
Summary form only given. XML is gaining widespread acceptance as a standard for storing and transmitting structured data. One of the drawbacks of XML is that it is quite verbose: an XML representation of a set of data can easily be ten times as large as a more economical representation of the data. To overcome this limitation, we present a compression(More)
This paper investigates image segmentation methods for the automated identification of Squamous epithelium from cervical virtual slides. Such images can be up to 120Ktimes80K pixels in size. Through investigation a multiresolution segmentation strategy was developed to give the best segmentation results in addition to saving processing time and memory.(More)
In this paper, our research team demonstrates how groups of game designers can open the discussion on human principles in game design by using a tool we call " Values Cards. " Drawing on prior play experiences, participants identify examples of games or game segments that express the value represented on one of the values cards. This sparks deep analysis of(More)
It is generally well accepted that nitrovasodilator-induced relaxation of vascular smooth muscle involves elevation of cGMP and activation of a specific cGMP-dependent protein kinase [protein kinase G (PKG)]. However, the protein targets of PKG and the underlying mechanisms by which this kinase leads to a relaxant response have not been elucidated. Several(More)
BACKGROUND Nuclear texture analysis measures phenotypic changes in chromatin distribution within a cell nucleus, while the alkaline Comet assay is a sensitive method for measuring the extent of DNA breakage in individual cells. The authors aim to use both methods to provide information about the sensitivity of cells to ionizing radiation. METHODS The(More)
BACKGROUND Two novel assays quantifying Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) were compared to traditional motility and migration assays. TGF-beta1 treatment of AY-27 rat bladder cancer cells acted as a model of EMT in tumourigenesis. METHODS AY-27 rat bladder cancer cells incubated with 3 ng/ml TGF-beta1 or control media for 24 or 48 h were assessed(More)