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The sudden, catastrophic release of gas from Lake Nyos on 21 August 1986 caused the deaths of at least 1700 people in the northwest area of Cameroon, West Africa. Chemical, isotopic, geologic, and medical evidence support the hypotheses that (i) the bulk of gas released was carbon dioxide that had been stored in the lake's hypolimnion, (ii) the victims(More)
Texture development and elastic stresses in magnesiow } ustite at high pressure Abstract Cubic magnesiow} ustite has been deformed in a diamond anvil cell at room temperature. We present results for (Mg 0.4 Fe 0.6)O, (Mg 0.25 Fe 0.75)O, and (Mg 0.1 Fe 0.9)O up to 37, 16, and 18 GPa, respectively. The diffraction images, obtained with the radial dif-fraction(More)
Introduction Affirming a Vision Six issues 1. Ambivalence: Teaching or Learning with technology? 2. The terminology we use 3. How interesting and engaging are multimedia resources 4. Multimedia-a technology bandwagon? 5. Evaluation: real students in real situations: how much do we know? 6. How personal is the personal computer? Approaching an institutional(More)
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