Jim Devine

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Sustained exposure to high terrestrial altitudes is associated with cognitive decrement, mood changes, and acute mountain sickness (AMS). Such impairment in aviators could be a safety hazard. Thirteen male soldiers, ages 19-24, ascended in 10 min from sea level to 4,300 m (simulated), and remained there 2.5 d. Four times per day, subjects completed a test(More)
The N100, P200, N200 and P300 components of the auditory event-related potential were recorded from 10 male subjects at 0900, 1600, and 1830 hours at sea level and again following a rapid ascent to simulated 4300 m altitude. Amplitude and latency of components, ear oximetry, and concurrent performance measures (reaction time and counting errors) were(More)
The authors show a way of reconstruction of scalp defects with excellent results using a tissue expander. This method creates "new" scalp tissue for coverage of defects with normal hair-bearing skin having a dense and even growth of hair. The hairs grow in the correct direction. The authors also show that almost all of the "new" hair-bearing scalp gained by(More)
Texture development and elastic stresses in magnesiow } ustite at high pressure Abstract Cubic magnesiow} ustite has been deformed in a diamond anvil cell at room temperature. We present results for (Mg 0.4 Fe 0.6)O, (Mg 0.25 Fe 0.75)O, and (Mg 0.1 Fe 0.9)O up to 37, 16, and 18 GPa, respectively. The diffraction images, obtained with the radial dif-fraction(More)
Introduction Affirming a Vision Six issues 1. Ambivalence: Teaching or Learning with technology? 2. The terminology we use 3. How interesting and engaging are multimedia resources 4. Multimedia-a technology bandwagon? 5. Evaluation: real students in real situations: how much do we know? 6. How personal is the personal computer? Approaching an institutional(More)
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