Jim Dale

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Traffic simulation packages like CORSIM and VISSIM are frequently used as tools for analyzing traffic, since they are an effective approach for quantifying the benefits and limitations of different alternatives. There may be those who are cautious or skeptical about the application of a complex program to make a critical design decision. This concern is(More)
Song is a fundamental component of territory defense and mate attraction in birds, and androgens (like testosterone) are known to play a key role in controlling it. However, little is known about how differences in testosterone levels between males translate into inter-individual song variation. Indeed, testosterone could affect both the motivation to sing(More)
We present a review of some of the current major challenges in stellar cluster research, including young clusters, globular clusters, and galactic nuclei. Topics considered include: primordial mass segregation and runaway mergers, expulsion of gas from clusters, the production of stellar exotica seen in some clusters (eg blue stragglers and extreme(More)
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