Jim Cunningham

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Little is known about how neurons in the different layers of the mammalian cerebral cortex are specified at the molecular level. Expression of two homologues of the Drosophila homeobox Cut gene, Cux-1 and Cux-2, is strikingly specific to the pyramidal neurons of the upper layers (II-IV) of the murine cortex, suggesting that they may define the molecular(More)
Using an approach that combines gene therapy with aromatic l-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) gene and a pro-drug (l-dopa), dopamine, the neurotransmitter involved in Parkinson's disease, can be synthesized and regulated. Striatal neurons infected with the AADC gene by an adeno-associated viral vector can convert peripheral l-dopa to dopamine and may(More)
Multi-agent conversations are built upon two components: agent communication languages (ACLs) that specify the individual messages that can be exchanged and interaction protocols (IPs) that specify the sequences in which these message can be arranged. Although informative, the semantic definition proposed for the most standard ACL (FIPA 1997) is complicated(More)
Adeno-associated virus type2 (AAV-2) binds to heparan-sulfate proteoglycans on the cell surface. In vivo, attachment of viral particles to cells adjacent to the injection tract limits the distribution of AAV-2 when infused into the CNS parenchyma and heparin co-infusion might decrease the binding of AAV-2 particles to cells in the vicinity of the infusion(More)
Agent interaction in realistic applications is subject to many forms of uncertainty -- including <i>information and network uncertainty, trust of and conflicts with other participants, lack of stability in a deal and risks about agreements and commitments.</i> However, one of the most common forms of uncertainty occurs when a group has divergent beliefs(More)
This paper describes an approach to distributed modal theorem proving by bringing together and exploiting two software packages. The rst is the implementation of a theorem prover for normal modal logics based on KE and a generalization of Fitting's preexed tableaux. The second is a library for implementing brokered inter-process communication over the(More)
A Prolog implementation of a new theorem-prover for rst-order classical logic is described. The prover is based on the calculus KE and the rules used for analysing quantiiers in free variable semantic tableaux. A formal speciication of the rules used in the implementation is described, for which soundness and completeness is straightforwardly veriied. The(More)
We are interested in using recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors in the treatment of hemophilia A. Because of the size constraints of recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors, we delivered the heavy and light chains of the human factor 8 (hFVIII) cDNA independently by using two separate vectors. Recombinant AAV vectors were constructed that utilized(More)