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We describe the reconstitution of exocytotic function through recombination of purified cortical secretory vesicles (CVs) and plasma membrane from sea urchin eggs. CVs were dislodged from a cell surface complex preparation by gentle homogenization in an isotonic dissociation buffer, and purified by differential centrifugation. CV-free plasma membrane(More)
The type III polysaccharides of group B Streptococcus in its native state chemically consists of glucose, galactose, glucosamine, and sialic acid. The core of this polysaccharide lacks sialic acid and precipitates with type III antiserum to give a partial identity with the precipitate between the native antigen and this serum. The core determinant is(More)
BACKGROUND The functional split model of consultant psychiatrist care for inpatients has been one of the major service redesign that has occurred in the NHS in the last decade. It is unclear if this new split model offers any advantages over the previous sectorised model of working. More recent evidence has suggested that patients, carers and professionals(More)
BACKGROUND Stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness are strongly linked to suffering, disability and poverty. In order to protect the rights of those with mental disorders and to sensitively develop services, it is vital to gain a more accurate understanding of the frequency and nature of stigma against people with mental illness. Little(More)
The Ca2+-stimulated release of vesicle contents from cortical fragments prepared from sea urchin eggs is an in vitro model for exocytosis. Cortical fragments have been isolated either in suspension (cell surface complex, CSC preparation), or attached to polycation-coated surfaces (cortical lawn, CL preparation). CL, but not CSC, have been reported to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of delirium in those patients presenting to a psychiatric clinic in Nigeria and to examine if any demographic or clinical variables were correlated with this diagnosis. METHOD A prospective survey design; 264 consecutive new referrals to a psychiatric clinic in Nigeria were assessed for the presence of delirium using a(More)
Few studies of the relationship of insight to psychopathology have been conducted in non-Western populations. This study examined the relationships between insight and depression, anxiety, and positive and negative symptoms on patients with schizophrenia resident in a psychiatric hospital in Ghana. A sample of 49 participants, (37 men and 12 women), with(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal mental illness is likely to have a profound impact in less developed parts of the world. A mother experiencing mental illness in a low income setting is at risk of providing sub-optimal care for her offspring which can have grave consequences in an environment where poverty, overcrowding, poor sanitation, malnutrition, tropical diseases(More)
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