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Many biological and astronomical forms can be best represented by ellipses. While some more complex curves might represent the shape more accurately, ellipses have the advantage that they are easily parameterised and define the location, orientation and dimensions of the data more clearly. In this paper, we present a method of direct least-squares ellipse(More)
The incidence of positive autocontrol test results with column agglutination technology is a concern. This study investigates the incidence and significance of positive autocontrols in the ID Micro Typing System (gel) and the Gamma ReACT (ReACT). The study encompassed a total of 1021 randomly selected samples from patients and 95 samples from donors(More)
When the dc current through a compact arc lamp is modulated, are instabilities appear at discrete frequencies. At some of these frequencies, the instabilities are sufficiently severe to extinguish the lamp. The primary frequency at which the arc bows to the side and tends to extinguish has been studied as a function of bulb diameter and current for xenon(More)
The effect of temperature and humidity on the current-voltage relationship and uniformity of positive and negative air coronas has been studied. Variations in temperature and absolute humidity seem to have a comparatively small effect on the behavior of coronas. By contrast, variations in the relative humidity have readily noticeable effects on the(More)
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