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BACKGROUND Fibrates are a unique hypolipidemic drugs that lower plasma triglyceride and cholesterol levels through their action as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) agonists. The activation of PPARalpha leads to a cascade of events that result in the pharmacological (hypolipidemic) and adverse (carcinogenic) effects in rodent(More)
Handwritten essays are widely used in educational assessments, particularly in classroom instruction. This paper concerns the design of an automated system for performing the task of taking as input scanned images of handwritten student essays in reading comprehension tests and to produce as output scores for the answers which are analogous to those(More)
We investigated the presence in US pigs of rotavirus H (RVH), identified in pigs in Japan and Brazil. From 204 samples collected during 2006-2009, we identified RVH in 15% of fecal samples from 10 US states, suggesting that RVH has circulated in the United States since 2002, but probably longer.
Reading comprehension is largely tested in schools using handwritten responses. The paper describes computational methods of scoring such responses using handwriting recognition and automatic essay scoring technologies. The goal is to assign to each handwritten response a score which is comparable to that of a human scorer even though machine handwriting(More)
Diagnostic test sensitivity affects rate estimates for laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations. We used data from FluSurv-NET, a national population-based surveillance system for laboratory-confirmed influenza hospitalizations, to capture diagnostic test type by patient age and influenza season. We calculated observed rates by age group(More)
and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Objective The purpose of this work is to use the Michigan Syndromic Surveillance System (MSSS) to assess emergency department (ED) utilization before and after the April 2014 implementation of the Healthy Michigan Plan, an expanded Medicaid program. Introduction The MSSS,(More)
and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Objective Validation of the syndromic system by comparing the chief complaint data to the electronic medical records (EMR) of a tertiary hospital. Introduction Michigan has been collecting chief complaint data from emergency departments statewide to support situational awareness(More)
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