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As world populations grow older the incidence of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other dementia related illnesses increases (approximately 18 million sufferers worldwide). One particularly devastating effect of AD is the loss of short-term memory, which radically impairs the sufferer's ability to communicate. People with dementia, however, often retain a(More)
CIRCA lets those with short-term memory loss draw on reminiscences to converse with relatives and caregivers. The system, which software engineers, psychologists,and designers developed with caregiver input, features a touch screen that displays photos, music, video, text, and other materials to help those with dementia access long-term memory. This paper(More)
Caring for people with dementia will be one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Advancing technology may offer ways to augment and supplement human care, if it is sensitively designed with the needs of potential users always taken into account. Developing an interface that a person with dementia can make sense of and use is a difficult goal.(More)
Discourse analysis (DA) has frequently been misapplied within nursing research, demonstrating a lack of understanding among some nurse researchers of theoretical/ methodological approaches within DA. To date, there are few specific nursing examples illustrating the application of DA, which presents a further obstacle for the new researcher In this paper,(More)
The author discusses the relationship of interactive art to the structure of the computer, in particular commenting on artists’ choices in using different kinds of systems, programs and interface devices. He discusses the problems inherent in the reduction of an artist’s concept to a mathematical representation, a transformation that is necessary to allow a(More)
AIM To explore how older people with lung and colorectal cancer view registered complementary therapy (CT) services in Northern Ireland. BACKGROUND A literature review highlighted gaps around information, access, and communication between patients and health professionals regarding CT services. METHODS Using structured interviews, a survey of 68(More)
  • Jim Campbell
  • SIGGRAPH Electronic Art and Animation Catalog
  • 2005
These works incorporate custom electronics driving LEDs with 256 gray levels. FPGAs are used to control the image, and flash memories are used to store the image. Each work is created by taking a conventional NTSC video image and passing it through an extreme low-pass filter before the image is subsampled. Contact Jim Campbell 1161 De Haro Street San(More)
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