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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the outcome after subcoracoid pectoralis major transfer for anterior-superior shoulder instability in massive rotator cuff insufficiency. Fourteen patients underwent subcoracoid pectoralis major transfer for this debilitating surgical complication. At a mean 17.5-month follow-up, there were 11 satisfactory and 3(More)
In this study, motor re-innervation of the median nerve by transfer of one-third, one-half, and two-thirds of either the agonistic ulnar nerve or the antagonistic radial nerve was investigated in both extremities of 20 rabbits. Recipient median nerve: Muscle contraction force of the flexor digitorum sublimus muscle after a one-third and a one-half of the(More)
As a minimum invasive technique, autofluorescence spectroscopy has found its application in the characterization of tissues and diagnosis of diseases. The major distinguishing power arises from the change of the nano-environment, quantities and functional/conformational states of the endogenous fluorophores – mainly represented with aromatic aminoacids Trp,(More)
We have examined the effects of end-to-side neurorrhaphy on peripheral nerve regeneration using the median nerve as recipient nerve and either the antagonistic radial nerve or the agonistic ulnar nerve as donor nerves in rat upper limbs. A perineural window was created in all cases. Motor recovery up to 16 weeks postoperation was tested with the grasping(More)
A newly proposed Double Latch Pre-charge Sense Amplifier (DLPSA) is introduced in the embedded non- volatile memory design for the wireless application, especially for smart cards with wireless & contactless feature, e.g., bank cards (wireless credit cards). This DLPSA has been implemented in both SMIC 0.18im and 0.13im process of ROM IPs. Comparing(More)
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