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This document was developed to provide shoreline planners and managers with a summary of current science and management recommendations to inform protection of ecological functions of marine riparian areas (defined in Section III). Washington Administrative Code (WAC 173-26-186(8)) directs that Shoreline Master Programs (SMPs) " include policies and(More)
The makeup of nipple-areolar skin, in terms of its melanin and melanocyte content has not previously been established. This histological information is required if pigmentation of the reconstructed nipple-areola is to be successful in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. We describe examination of 200 parallel sections of nipple-areolar skin of 20 women(More)
Acknowledgements We thank members of the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership Steering Committee who reviewed and commented on earlier drafts of the document. We appreciate the support of Project Managers Bernie Hargrave and Tim Smith. We thank Washington Sea Grant Program staff and Marcus Duke of the University of Wash-ington for their editing, design, and(More)
Acknowledgments We thank members of the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership Steering Committee, especially Bernie Hargrave and Tim Smith for their support of this effort. We thank Rob Koeppen for coordinating the external review process, the four reviewers, for their thorough reviews, and Anne Kinsinger for her constructive comments on any earlier draft. We(More)