Jim Brennan

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As part of a programme of investigation into the effects of processing on the texture of food the General Foods Texturometer was adopted, because it appeared to offer versatility, multiple-property determination and a fair degree of objectivity. Preliminary investigations with the instrument indicated a high degree of reproducibility when used on a(More)
The makeup of nipple-areolar skin, in terms of its melanin and melanocyte content has not previously been established. This histological information is required if pigmentation of the reconstructed nipple-areola is to be successful in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. We describe examination of 200 parallel sections of nipple-areolar skin of 20 women(More)
T he Japanese government estimates that approximately 5 million tons of debris washed out to sea after the Tōhoku tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Of that mass, about 1.5 million tons probably floated away from the near-coastal environment and could be transported to the beaches fringing the northeast Pacific Ocean, including the coast of(More)
The optical properties of the nanoscale neodymium ceramic cluster (THF) 8 Nd 8 O 2 Se 2 (SePh) 16 (Nd8) and molecular (DME) 2 Nd(SC 6 F 5) 3 (Nd1) were studied by optical absorption, photoluminescence, and time-resolved spectroscopy. Both complexes exhibited emission characteristic of solid-state materials The observed red-shift in the absorption and(More)