Jim Brennan

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Acknowledgments We thank members of the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership Steering Committee, especially Bernie Hargrave and Tim Smith for their support of this effort. We thank Rob Koeppen for coordinating the external review process, the four reviewers, for their thorough reviews, and Anne Kinsinger for her constructive comments on any earlier draft. We(More)
  • Joel Watson, Jim Brennan, Jesse Bull, Vince Crawford, Aaron Edlin, Oliver Hart +4 others
  • 2001
This paper develops a theoretical framework for studying contract and enforcement in settings of complete but unverifiable information and nondurable trading opportunities. The main point of the paper is that the consideration of renegotiation necessitates formal examination of other technological constraints , especially those having to do with the timing(More)
We demonstrate use of restricted access media with reversed phase functionality (RAM-RP) for analysis of low molecular weight proteins and peptides in mouse serum (75 μl) using a custom designed modular automated processing system (MAPS). RAM-RP fractionation with simultaneous removal of high molecular weight and high abundance proteins is integrated with a(More)
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